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By Western Gazette - North Dorset  |  Posted: October 13, 2011

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Stan Lemon

STAN Lemon, a retired reporter from the Western Gazette died on September 29, aged 85.

Stan had entered the world of newspapers as a young man after he lost a finger working in a shoe factory.

Before joining the Western Gazette and being based in Ringwood he worked on newspapers in Leicester, Chichester and Shepton Mallet as well as one in South Africa where he made news when he fell asleep in the midday sun.

He married Olive, a widow in 1967 and took on her family as his own (her two sons Robert and David were married by then but Susan at 15 was still living at home).

Olive died in 2003 of Dementia but in all the 36 years they had rarely been apart and had kept a happy marriage even with his office in the home.

When Olive died he embarked on an Open University degree course but unfortunately due to failing health couldn't complete it. But he did receive a certificate for work done.

After taking such wonderful care of Olive he too got dementia and for his own safety and well being had to go into a nursing home - Waypoint at Verwood, who took wonderful care of him. He died of natural causes.

Robert and David now live in Australia but never failed to visit him on trips to England, while Susan and her family have always lived close enough to be very much a part of his life.

Stan had always been a 'rock' in the family and very much loved and respected. He will be sadly missed by everyone who knew him.

Stan had never taken a day off for sickness all the years he worked for the Western Gazette. Quite a record. He loved his job.

Stan loved his family and his dogs. He made history interesting; he hated injustice/unfairness and cruelty especially to animals and children. Stan was kind, loyal and had a dry sense of humour. He was a good man and we loved him.

His cremation will take place in Bournemouth on Friday, October 21 and then his ashes will be buried alongside Olive's at All Saints', Dibden where his grandson is also buried.

Daniel Luke Gardner

THE funeral service was held on Wednesday, September 28, at St Michael and All Angels' Church, Somerton for Daniel Luke Gardner who passed away on 15 September. The service was conducted by the Reverend Ken Chalmers.

Dan was a people's person. At just 19 years of age he was unsure of his career path, so he concentrated all his time and energy towards his friends.

Visits to the pub, trips to the cinema, parties, reading and computers all fitted in around his working week at Burger King in Yeovil, where once again he made many good friends amongst his colleagues.

As Dan's family, we would like to thank everyone locally in Somerton and further afield for the incredible amount of love and support that has been shown to us in this most difficult of times, helping us deal with our heartache over the loss of our much loved son.

Family mourners were: Ges and Julie Gardner, dad and mum; Karl Gardner, twin brother; Pam White, granny; Charles Gardner, grandad; Keith White, grandad; Andrew White and Rona Cadwallader, uncle and partner; Elizabeth White, auntie; Angie and David Ayres, auntie and uncle; Tony Gardner, uncle; Ronnie Gardner, uncle.

Other mourners were: Rev Ken Chalmers; Beryl Turner, organist; Valerie and Barry King representing Jean and Peter Spearman; Geoff and Rosemary Woolston representing Paul, David, Rachael and Steve; Olive Holland representing Patrick and family; Margaret Foster representing Jackie; Stella Mitchem; Joyce Holland; Liz Marsh representing Adrian Marsh; Mr and Mrs John Haines; Patricia Forbes; Anna Creed representing Ken Creed; Mrs Montagu; Chris Plowman representing Stephanie, also Jill Mounter and Lorna Gallimore; Mary Johnson representing Cecil; Irene Moses; Martin Glover and Frances Glover; Sophie Farmer; Hannah Lock; John Chant representing Sylvia and family; Mr Chris Tune; Jenny Wilmot; Mark Gundry; Mrs E Lock representing Mr N F Lock; Eleanor Fletcher; Jack Fuller; Angie Gould; Jo Gale; Colin and Margaret White; Gill Stone; Claire Gandy; Mr and Mrs Labdon; Jill and Sam Almond; Ben Robinson; Matthew Labdon; Mr and Mrs D Worner; Harriet Hollowell; Kate Wright representing Sam and Richard; Sarah (Fish) Purchase; David Shoemark; John and Kay Elliott; Val Shepherd and family representing Mr and Mrs Taylor and family; Jayne Shepherd; Sandra Gregory; Rosie Pash; Bill Evans; Martin Gosling; Ellie Launders-Brown; Aaron Cadwallader and Esther Boxall; Beverley Price representing Bryan White, uncle; Eileen Collins; Paul and Jayne Thorne; Peter and Heather DePasquale; Margaret and Chris Chambers; Dawn Plush representing Mike Plush and Kerry Tudor; Miss Stella Allen; Charlotte Lewis; Finn Leszczyska; Mark O'Dierno; E Bateson; Ruby Helyer; Steven Coggins; Joanne Dickins representing Margaret and Jack Gooding; Jack Bateman; Dawn Lark; Sue March; Tom Haddon; Jess Taylor; Alice Jardine; Candice Maclellan; Molly and Hayley Grainger representing Tilly and Pete; Jeanette Dufield; Bev Squires; Kate Renton; Lauren Spink; Mary Bateman; Bethany Pope; Beth Walsh; Chris Harrison; Joe Brennan; Amy Melody; Matthew Curry; Kate Tailby; Nathan Sambell; Paul Sambell; Linda Sambell; John Sambell; Ruth Power; Charlotte Surmon; Sophie Mae Burgess; Debbie Gibbons; Lauren Walker; Jodie Matheson; Lee Partridge; Bethan Crisfield; Alex Hardware; Nick and Andrea Shore; Paul Trebble; Harry Trebble; Netty Sales; Lindsay Putland; Kathy and Neil Edmunds; D Skinner-Smith representing Shanie, Mark and Brett Thomas also Phyllis Hunt; James and Andrea Leitch representing Gareth; James Wellens; John Barlow; Scott Snaddon; Hannah Snaddon; Melissa Nunn; Gill Manley; Jenny Cox; Hilary Morris; Neil Kyle; Sky Atyeo; Sam Moore; Craig Dartnall; Damon Adams; Matthews Travers; Natasha Caines; Peter and Frances Buck; Andrew McKenzie; Robert Egleton; Raymond Jutson; Gordon Royan; James Drayton; Steven Ives; Kayleigh Trimmer; Natalie White; Sam Jackson; Jacky White; Shelley Allen; Barry Gardner; Meg Arathoon; Miriam Walrond; Teresa Wadey; Albert Budd; Jack Anderson; Zoe Taylor; Michael Bradley; Henry Holland representing Ruth; Coral Ryall; Katy Brown; Jessica Watts; Adrian Deeks; Tom Cox; Callum McCloud; Ann Keen; Mr Alan White; Emma White; Paula, Ron and Gareth Stewart; Jim Brock; David Sperring; Jeff and Clare Dale; Oliver Grammer; Ben Gregory; Clare Beckman representing Tanya and Jerry Rees; Emily Wilson; Joanna Bagwell; Catherine Baynes; Joan Deacon representing Margaret Stacey; Sheila Anstead; Jason Short; Jill Wright; Darcie Masters; Michael Brierley-Stamp; Danny Horridge; Ruth Bowers; Nath Norris; Emma Turk; Kayleigh Stoneman; Michael Fraser-Hopewell representing Somerton Town Council; Lorna Taylor; Kate Holmes; Jed Collis; Fiona Mackay; Timea Thorpe; Elena Shanks; Sophie Davies; Becky Whittington; Freddie Carpenter; Katherine Royan; Matthew Mansfield; Len Bishop; Janette Gwinnell; Andrew Gardner; Rick Gardner; Louis Purchase; Susan Veale; Lewis Clatworthy; Amy Francis; Georgina Hurd; Colin and Ann Lewis; Joe White; Tracey Jardine; Julie Gardner; Kevin Gardner; Martin Cuthbert; Helen Weld; Denise, Richard and Justin Watson; Susan Collis; Zak Collis; Kristy Wright; Mitchel Ellis; Rev Alan Symonds; Sue Jarvis; Marion and Alan Hilborne; Thelma Jones; Maureen Garland; Mary Ann Pike; Marjorie Chant; Ivor and Pam Dixon; Sylvia Jefferies representing Heather; Jackie Hamilton representing family; Nicola Hamilton-Rump; Wendy Downton; Marjorie Harris representing Stella Squire; Pearl Lawrence representing Betty Smith; Esther Locke; Trevor and Karen Haines representing family; Cliff, Heather and Edward Bassett; Jazmin Wilde; Jo Otton; Darren and Sarah Phillips; Emily Kretz; Brynley Davies representing Kelly Davies; Dawn Chinnock representing John Curtis; Lynne Edwards; Charmaine Thorn; Ria Baker; Norman and Mary Billing representing Carolyn and Dave Oram; Mr and Mrs David Osmond representing family; Gordon Adams representing Caroline; Isabelle Fletcher; Flo Fletcher; Sue Churchill; Tina Lewis; Rebecca Labdon; Ashleigh Rigden; Rebecca Perry; Jade Beer; Pauline Clarke; Sheila and David Sawyer; Tom and Eileen Shore; Jane Hollowell; Amanda Osmond and Richard Worsdale; Toni Paull; Fiona and Geoff Thomas; Audrey Wood; Heather Kretz, Thomas and Greg; Janet Whitwham representing Austin Attwell; Paul and Desra Berkley representing Tania and Jer Rees; Sophie Boyle; Joe Bowler; Lorraine Lock; Micky Lock; Colin Garness; Phil Tanti; Jonathon Collins-Lockett; Alan Collins-Lockett; Mrs Hitchcock; Janet Pester representing Malcolm; Mr Mick Mew; Diana Neale; David Carter; Scott Robbins; Olivia Hollowell; Alex Tallon; Natasha Chant; Emma Basstone; Hannah Dyke; Josie Burgoyne representing family; Sophie Greenidge; Laura Renton; Jess Cox; Gareth and Julie Lovelock; Adam Leitch; Tiffany MacLellan; Mr and Mrs Thornton and Adam; Lynne and Alice Cove representing Tony Cove; Alan Duffield; Stephanie Duffield; Pauline Blake; Jack Wright; Will Inkpen; Jess McCreery; Megan Horsfield; Nikki Powell; Alex Rosevar; Lucy Franklyn; Jasper Wells; Alexis, George and Amber Pulham; Jade Farmer; Shaun Wright; Kirsty Moreland; Tom Ingersent; Melanie Lock; Lily Gibbons; Louise Walker; Emily Raybould; Leanne Norgrove; Emma Dukes; David Tanner; Jeffrey Finn, Sandra Finn and Daniel Finn; Chris Pimm representing Neil Peach; Gary Nicholson; Tania Hornett; Jenny Davies; Venna Arnold; Hazel Lynham representing Chris Lynham; Catriona Munnery; Mark and Geraldine Matts; Dan Hodgson; Hattie Eason; Adam Patten; Anthony Betty; Les and Mary Hutchings; Amy David; Helen David representing Adam Peppard; Hilary McCreery; Jamie Cooper; Ceri Brown; Daniel Cooper; Adam Lambert; Danny Griffin; Nicola Davies; Beverley Harfield; Doreen Parratt; Dee Mitchell; Tim Dibben; Sherri Smith; Jessie Bale; Christina Ganfield; Kyle Ayres; Cathy Ayres; George Ray; May Ray; Emily Vaccaro; Fred Ray; Neil Rees; Tina Gardner; Alfred Gardner; Joy Bond; Melissa Trott; Danielle Beer; Pippa Symonds; Tom Rumbelow; Sophie Pike; Kieren Muncur; Sonia Evans; Wilma Elliott; Rachel Murray; Jackie Murray; Rachel Brown; Stacey Horler; Tim, Simon and Megan Walker; Richard Duffield; Dan Squire; Matt Wells-Bur; Leanne Elkins; David Withers; Don and Diane Linton; Chris Wellington; Chanel Gaylard; Steven Gaylard; Tasha Blackmore; Robyn Glover; Sophia Orchard; Jane Rodgers; David Wright; James Porter; Alex Dale; Chris Lloyd; Wil Saysell; Hayley Parsons; Annette Stringfellow; Wes Finn; Christian Lovelock; Fern Pulham.

The funeral arrangements were carried out by Forsey and Son, Pound Pool, Somerton.

John Hemmings

THE funeral service was held at Yeovil Crematorium on Tuesday, October 4, for Mr John Rowland Hemmings of Castle Cary who died suddenly but peacefully at Yeovil District Hospital, aged 81 years. Susan Kellagher conducted the service.

John was born in Willesden. He was the younger son of Gladys and Jack. John met his future wife Freda at Kingsbury Swimming Pool and they were engaged when he was just 19 and they married when he was 21 at Kingsbury Church on December 26, 1952.

John worked mainly as a window cleaner but could turn his hand to many things. The family lived in Jersey for a while and later settled in Wembley for many years, before moving to Castle Cary 12 years ago. Sadly Freda died in 2002 just three years after they came to Somerset.

John and Freda loved visiting car boot sales and they also enjoyed travelling to Ibiza for holidays every year for many years.

They have many friends some from childhood days and have made new ones all through their lives including when they settled in Castle Cary to enjoy the quiet, country life. Before moving to Somerset John and Freda had enjoyed many wonderful family holidays in Somerset with their close friends Claude and Alicia who live in Wincanton.

John was well known in Castle Cary for wearing his blue hat and having a very friendly and chatty nature.

John will be, so sadly missed, by his three daughters, Lesley, Sharon and Tracey, all his family and many friends.

Family mourners: Lesley and Graham Beckwith, Sharon Sunadinou, Tracey and Andrew Smith, daughters and sons-in-law; Daniel Beckwith, Yannis and Spiros Sunadinos, Aimee Smith, grandchildren.

Friends who attended the service: Jean Bradfield representing Sue and John Sykes and family; Lisa Fitzpatrick representing Alan Attwell and Emma; Andrew Fitzpatrick; Judith and Mike Harding; Laura and David Curtis; Jenny and Dennis Meacham representing Rachael; Michael and Carol Morgan; Shirley Neil; Fred Soule; Alan and Debbie Tucker; Claude and Alicia Teague representing Sonia Last; Alan and Pam Duncan representing Dennis and Pat; Vicki and Oliver Pearman; Linda Huggett; Chris Roberts; Paul Buttling.

Funeral arrangements were carried out by Mr Harold F Miles, funeral director, South Cadbury BA22 7ES.

Reg Frapple

THE funeral service was held at The Church of All Saints, Castle Cary on Thursday, September 29, for Arthur Reginald James (Reg) Frapple, formerly of Castle Cary who died peacefully at The Glen Nursing Home, Evercreech, aged 96 years. The Reverend Liz Mortimer conducted the service and the organist was Martin Emslie. Interment followed at the cemetery.

Reg was born in Galhampton on July 18, 1915. He spent seven years in Bath Royal United Hospital after a leg injury caused Ostomalitus, during which time he became a Scout and Scout Leader. Whilst in hospital he was presented to King George and Queen Elizabeth and gave them a wicker cradle which he had made for Princess Elizabeth.

He married Ethel in 1940 at North Barrow Church. Reg lived and worked all his working life for W H Longman at North Lease, for many years as a cheesemaker and also a pig man. Reg and Ethel moved to Castle Cary when he was in his late 60s and they suffered ill health, later moving into care/nursing homes. Reg peacefully passed away at The Glen Nursing Home, Evercreech.

He will be so sadly missed by his wife Ethel, seven children, many grandchildren, great-grandchildren, family and friends.

Family mourners: His wife Ethel was regrettably unable to attend; Fred and Ann Frapple, son and daughter-in-law; Angela and Will Williamson, daughter and partner; Sonia and Richard Lye, daughter and son-in-law; Joe and Joy Frapple, son and daughter-in-law; Jane and Alan Piper, daughter and son-in-law; Sally Francis, daughter; Peter and Sonia Ashford, son and daughter-in-law; Nick Frapple representing Jo, Mandy Frapple and Andy Smith, Sarah Tipple and family, Simone, Ruth and Aaron Campbell and families, Steph and Martin Dredge, Dean and Christine Lye, Jason Lye, Lee Frapple, Marie Wixey, Royston Piper, Larry Piper, Ashley Francis, Daniel Francis, grandchildren; Damon Lye, Lewis Lye and Keanu Ryver Lye, great-grandchildren representing Bradley and Keiran Frapple, and all his great-grandchildren; Mr Jack Frapple, brother representing Bertha, sister; Joan and Geoff Marshall representing Gary, nephew and family; Grace Hill, Betty Thomas, sisters-in-law and brother-in-law; Shirley Gambell, Gloria and Tony Birch, Graham Frapple, Roy and Trudy Frapple representing Mr and Mrs Paul Frapple and the boys, Neil Frapple, Mr and Mrs Nigel Frapple, Malcolm and Margaret Frapple, Susan and Roy Mottershaw, nieces and nephews; Norman and Peggy Neate, nephew and niece, Dorothy Elsworth, sister-in-law; Bill and Trish Phelps, brother-in-law and sister-in-law were unable to attend.

Friends who attended the service: Richard Longman representing Brenda, Julius and Pippa Longman and Keith and Nerissa Northover; Chris Slocombe representing Sarai and all at Longman Cheese Sales; Anthony Eaton; Ken Targett representing the family; Ray Bond; Margaret and Ken Holland representing Neil Holland; Mr L Dewey; Paul and Julia Longman representing Doreen Longman; John Leishman; Deeni Tucker; Jeremy Lang; Roy Higgins representing Maureen Higgins, Malcolm Wake and 1st Castle Cary Scout Group; Wendy Gorick; Mandy Phillips representing The Hollies; Margaret Shylan representing the family.

Funeral arrangements were carried out by Mr Harold F Miles, funeral director, South Cadbury BA22 7ES.

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