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Livestock markets

By Western Gazette - North Dorset  |  Posted: April 04, 2013

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Wednesday, March 27

Beef Cattle (63) Auctioneer: Mark Northcott. 45 Under Thirty Month Fat Cattle: 18 Over Thirty Month Fat Cattle. UTM Steers (28) No purebred steers forward but what a trade!! Blonde x from AW Tippets & Son to 216.5p/kg and a good number selling in advance of 200p/kg. Simmentals to 201.5p/kg and £1479 from JW Collins who also sold an Angus to an excellent 208.5p/kg and £1458. Friesians to 184.5p/kg from AW Tippetts and £1103 from Longclose Farm. UTM Heifers (16) A mixed quality entry met a fast trade and dear. A Limousin x topping at 217p/kg from M Squire with other smart cross breds from 200p/kg. Herefords to 208.5p/kg from LP Shackell & Son. Angus to 189.5p/kg from Waddon Farm Ltd. Devons to 197.5p/kg and £1107 from AL Gwyther & Sons. Friesians to 173.5p/kg from KJ & CP Dunn. Overage Beef (18) A small entry met a fast trade. Friesian steers to 185.5p/kg and Simmentals to 184.5p/kg from Waddon Farm Ltd. Herefords to 184.5p/kg from RV Symes. Heifers to 202.5p/kg for an Angus from Grandon Manor Farm. Friesians to 176.5p/kg from RG Sheppard & Son. Herefords to 184.5p/kg from R Fear. South Devons to 189.5p/kg from AH Corp & Son. barren cows & bulls(184) Auctioneer: Mark Northcott. Dairy Cows (128) Another large entry met a continuing fast trade from start to finish. All grades in strong demand and dear to average 127.79p/kg and £787.28. The few best Friesian meat cows were again dear and many more wanted. A top at 166.5p/kg and £1345 from NR & D Norris. 8 cows selling in advance of £1100. A further 21 over £900 with 30 over 135p/kg. Manufacturing and steakers also a flying trade at recent levels. The abundance of plainer cows still at good levels to average just under £1/kg. Beef Cows (54) A good show with better averages. Blue x cows to 181p/kg and £1542 from JT Heritage. Charolais to 171p/kg from KE & AM Rostigina. Limousins to 168.5p/kg from Karina Heritage. Angus to 162.5p/kg from WE Norman & Son. South Devons to 161.5p/kg from AH Corp & Son. Jerseys to 135.5p/kg from B & GA Cristofoli. Feeders in strong demand and wanted! Bulls (2) Keenly sought with a Limousin to 154p/kg from SB Pile. Angus to 152p/kg from Michelmersh Manor Farm. Herefords to 161.5p/kg from TK Jeans & Sons. My thanks for your support.

Sheep (790) Auctioneers: George Trippick and Andrew Doble. Prime Hoggets (482) SQQ 183.23p/kg Max 200p/kg Max £104/head. Very few finished hogs presented as many did not meet the grade and were sold as stores. Trade easier on the week, especially for the lighter/leaner types, but still in line with the national average. The current demand is for the heavier well fleshed types (47kg – 'yellows') regularly over £86/head. A run of 80 from Orchid Meadow Farm, Shaftesbury, averaged 47.3kg and created bidding to £91.80 twice and £89 twice. A 68kg hog from W Lock & Partners topped the day creating interest to £104. Well fed stock are definitely in strong demand! Prime Lambs (23) A small entry forward which created bidding to 228p/kg and £82 from Highgrove Farms. Others to 223p/kg and 218p/kg from R Taylor, Isle of Wight. More are wanted weekly. Please prior book your stock. Cull Ewes & Rams (74) Average £52.58/head Max £84/head All sold to an improved trade with stronger Suffolk ewes to £84 from M Webber. A large entry of medium framed Continental ewes trading from £50-£65. Plainer ewes slightly easier than recent weeks. Store Hoggets (211) Average £43.60/head Max £70/head An entry which consisted of store hogs of a various shapes and sizes. Prices topped at £70 from J Scott, Frome, and Mr Wheeler, Wincanton, for Continental x hogs. Medium framed Suffolk x ewes sold well to £60. Smaller types around the £25-£30 mark.

Dairy (12) Auctioneer: Trevor Rowland. Calved Heifers to £1880 Calved Cows £1060. Another lively trade this week for the dairy cattle on offer. Unfortunately the weather is restricting entries and more could have been well sold. Generally a shortage of the very best quality although nice well presented Holstein Friesian freshly calved heifers from D & N Randall & Son, Wareham, sold to £1880 and £1720. Smaller types £1400 - £1580. New Zealand Jersey x heifer found a ready trade to £1400. Older 4th and 5th lactation cows realised prices to up £1060.

CALVES (307) NON EXPORT CALVES Auctioneer: Tim Hector. Another large entry of calves saw the brisk trade continue. All calves in firm demand from the good attendance of buyers. Continental Bulls Plenty forward and trade remains fast for all sorts. Bulls topped at £398 for a Simmental from RG Curtis. Charolais to £390 from MJ Shears. Blues to £380 from RTJ Voizey & Partners and their Fleckvieh sold to £250. Limousins to £300 from MS Shears. Continental Heifers Another fast trade with smart Blues reaching £301 from Stavordale Farms. Simmentals to £252 from DR & BA Boyte. A good entry of Limousins from JJA Sprake & Partners Ltd topped at £248. Charolais to £200 from N & B Hutton. British Continuing large numbers with a real mix of quality. Medium and better calves particularly in firm demand. Best Angus Bulls to £350 from DIVA (Sherborne) Ltd and heifers from the same home to £278. Hereford bulls to £258 from P Wade and heifers to £222 from RL & CJ Curtis. Friesians A good entry and strong demand to see averages firming again. The general quality improved to see at least a quarter over £100. 8 week old British Friesians to £258 from DA & DM Lanfear. Younger Holsteins to £198 from L & L Trowbridge and averaging strongly at £87. Only the smaller framed calves less than £40.

Friday, March 29

STORE CATTLE (521) Sale Time: Auctioneer: Trevor Rowland & Lester Williams. Steers to £1400 Heifers to £1270. Another amazing Good Friday at Frome. An excellent entry with buyers out in force. Prices beyond expectations and vendors well rewarded for selling on the Bank holiday. Suckler In-Calf Heifers, Cows & Calves Two part dispersals from G&S Stott & Eade and James Tabor met keen interest. The older Limousin Cows with 3mo Heifer calves at foot sold well from £1150 to £1230 from G&S Stott & Eade. The Limousin In-calf Heifers sold to £1380 from JW Tabor Ltd with their Angus In-calvers selling to £1310 and Herefords to £1285. Well done to James and Charity for presenting well grown Heifers in good condition. Stock Bulls Today at Frome showed that quality Bulls are wanted. Pure bred Limousin 5yo Stock Bulls to £1950 from J & E Nuttall, Shaftesbury. Young Continentals Quality always sells well at Frome. Good conformation Continentals still maintain a premium despite the late spring. Well bred Simmental Steers sold to a strong £1000 (10mo) and yearlings £970 from HJ Marklove. Limousins 10mo to £995 from GW & M Pike & Son closely followed at £990 from Chris Ridewood. Young Heifers a comparable trade to £778 from the same vendor. Simmental Heifers to £750 (10mo) from HJ Marklove , £795 from GW & M Pike & Son and topping at £835 from Pat Apsey. Out- wintered Charolais and Limousin Steers from Des Beatty were keenly sought to £890 (11mo). Forward Continental Steers A tremendous trade but a lack of best quality. Blues were a highlight topping at £1350 only 17mo and Farm Assured from Des Beatty. GWE Candy and Sons not far behind at £1300 (19mo). Many more of this stamp wanted at buyers request. Younger Simmental Steers sold well to £1142 from Tom & Ben Voizey who also sold Limousins to £1092. Others to £1088 from MR & BA Hawker with his Blues to £1120. Heifers Plenty of demand with framed Simmental Bullers to a massive £1185 & £1140 from Tom & Ben Voizey. Limousin Bullers met a fast trade to £1140 from GWE Candy & Sons. Younger sorts with bulling potential wanted and sold from £780 to £940. Hereford (79) One of the best shows seen this Spring. A wonderful consignment from Carol Besent & Daughters of out- wintered Steers from £1050- £1070 (17-18mo). Yearling Steers in strong demand to £640 from J & B Russell. Heifers to an amazing £668 (11mo) from Jonathan Ramm. Framed Steers sold to £1080 (20mo) from Andrew Frizzle. Bullers to £810 from Neil Glover and to £915 from Trinity Farm Seagry Ltd. Best Heifers to £1000 from GWE Candy & Sons. Angus (104) A good show of over 100 on offer with named sire and Farm Assured selling to a premium. A hardy consignment of yearlings from Tony Rich Sherborne met keen interest with severall pens of (10mo) Steers from £745-£810 and an exceptional sort to a massive £1390 (16mo). His Heifers met the fastest of the trade from £835 (11mo) to an outstanding £1270 (13mo). Other forward Steers sold well to £1130 from MR & BA Hawker. This was topped at £1140 from GWE Candy & Sons who sold Bulling Heifers to £1000 and £935. Others to £900 from Tom & Ben Voizey and Andrew Frizzle. Friesians (75) A large entry of mainly younger feeders. Demand outstripping supply and many more larger framrd feeders wanted. Yearlings to £640 from J & B Russell with others to £650 from Andrew Frizzle. Best Steers were the highlight of the day at a huge £1400 from Paul Hurd.

Tuesday, March 26

165 BARREN COWS, BULLS, OTM & UFM PRIME Auctioneer Robert Venner Fieldsman Adam Hayes. Greenslade Taylor Hunt report an increased entry of 165 Cull Stock met a "stand on" trade. Top was 195ppk, being a new Sedgemoor record for a top drawer, young, red Limousin cow from Messrs SW Clapp & Son. Older cows to 170ppk for a lightweight Limousin from Mr JA & Mrs G Aldworth. Other best 160ppk plus. Better types 150ppk plus. Meat 140ppk. Sucklers sold to £1,400.10 for the Limousin from Messrs SW Clapp & Son. Others to £1,388.78 for a Charolais from O Jerome. Black and Whites still a tremendous trade to 153.5ppk (HF) near record levels from Messrs Griffin & Son. Best 140 to 148.5ppk. Many better cows 135 to 140ppk. Half meat 125 to 135ppk. Steakers with belly 115 to 120ppk. Only exceptionally plain cows 95 to 100ppk. All dairy averaged 120.5ppk. Cows sold to £1,373.63 (BF) from Messrs Griffin & Son. Others to £1,283.93 (HF) Messrs MM & EH Lucas. Best £1200 plus. Many £1000 plus. OTM HF heifers to 171ppk and £1,167.88, both from Messrs Griffin & Son, which respectively also achieved £1,142.28 and 160.5ppk.

732 PRIME HOGGS & LAMBS Auctioneer: Paul Ashton, Adam Hayes. Greenslade Taylor Hunt report a good number entry of 732 Hoggs but overall lack of quality sold to a slightly easier trade for all but the very best which remained very strong.

The best sold to 211ppk, 203ppk and 200ppk from Messrs MB & KN Crabb. Others 204ppk from Mr CHE Kidner; 201ppk and 196ppk from Messrs AF & RD Tucker & Sons; 199ppk from Mr RS Lovell; 197ppk from Mrs A Gillett and 196ppk from Messrs JR, LM & AJ Hutchings and Mr I Perry. Heavier hoggs sold to £97.50 and £95 (x2) from Messrs AE Vile & Son; £97.20 from Mr D Barnes; £96 and £95.50 from Messrs MB & KN Crabb; £95.80 from G Rowe Farm Partners; £95.50 from Mr AJ Crabb and Messrs AA & L Johnson and £95.20 from Messrs MEJ Branfield & Sons and Mr CHE Kidner. Overall average £87.23. A small entry of 22 Lambs sold to £108 and £103 (264ppk and 257ppk) from Messrs MM & EH Lucas and to £100 (250ppk) from Messrs JC & TG Merchant.

70 CULL EWES & RAMS Auctioneer: Paul Ashton. Greenslade Taylor Hunt report a smaller entry of 70 Cull Ewes and Rams sold to an overall stronger trade for all forward. The best ewes sold to £106 from Mr P Brooks. Others £104.50 from Mr I Perry; £100 from Mr HR Gould, Mrs NF Newman and Mr D Barnes; £98.50 from G Rowe Farm Partners; £97.50 from Messrs AF & RD Tucker & Sons; £95 from Messrs DC & JL Ritchie. Overall average £66.64. Rams sold to £94.50 from Mr J Dorling. Organic Crossbred Dairy Cows to 2300gns at Sedgemoor. Joint auctioneers Greenslade Taylor Hunt and Gwilym Richards & Co were delighted with the trade for the Dispersal of the Organic Dairy Herd from Quainton Dairy Ltd, Buckinghamshire being British Friesian and Norwegian Red Cross dairy cattle. Making the journey to Sedgemoor Auction Centre, Somerset paid off with a large crowd pushing the top price to 2300gns for a Norwegian Red cross cow by 'Braut' who had calved in December to her second and was giving 39kgs daily. She sold to Mr Padfield who purchased a large number for his Organic herd at Bath. A further ten animals sold in excess of £2000. Young crossbred served heifers sold to 1050gns twice for Heifers by the Norwegian Red sires 'Braut' and 'Nordbo'. The yearling and younger heifers topped at 860gns twice for 'Faaran' and 'Braut' Norwegain Red crossed daughters. The organic status drew a lot of interest generating buyers from Cornwall, Devon, Dorset, Somerset and Gloucestershire as well as North and South Wales.

Saturday, March 30

33 DAIRY CATTLE Auctioneer: Derek Biss. Greenslade Taylor Hunt report that there were "insufficient numbers to satisfy demand" is the best way to sum up the trade, when buyers were in attendance from Cornwall, Shropshire and Northampton to compete for the 33 head forward. The top end looked the cheapest against the rest. A run of 3 Grade 1 heifers from Alan Witcombe sold to £1940, £1820 and £1760. Others to £1870 from Messrs J & H Snook; £1860 Peter Snell; £1840 from Mr JR Daw of Swindon; £1810 and £1780 from Witcombe Farms and £1800 from Mr R Webb. The shortage of cows was very apparent, when many more are wanted.

938 STORE CATTLE, STIRKS, SUCKLER & GRAZING COWS, 650 STORE CATTLE & GRAZING COWS Auctioneers: Neil Biffen, Robert Venner, Fieldsman: Adam Hayes. First 120 Store Cattle penned will be out of the draw. Greenslade Taylor Hunt report a good entry of 650 Store Cattle, part of 938 with the Stirks, met a much improved trade for Easter Saturday. Strong forward cattle at recent levels but younger stores significantly improved and Angus sired cattle as dear as, if not dearer than seen all year. Top was £1450 for forward, quality, suckler bred Simmental steers (24m & FA) from Mr DJ & Mrs RJ Newton, East Knowstone, who sold others similar at £1445 (23/24m) £1380 (24m) and £1305 (24m). £1400 was an exceptional price bid for a circa 570kg white Charolais steer (20m) from Messrs DR & SG Cronk, Rose Ash. An outstanding run of feeding continental steers, mostly Charolais with some Limousins and Simmentals topped at £1380 (23/24m & FA) from Mr PJ Betty and Mr S Betty, Othery, when others rose to £1355 (23/24m) £1340 (23m) £1285 (23/24m) £1245 (20/24m) and £1165 (22/23m). Good feeding Blonde steers (22m) from Mr RM Ashman, Redhill sold well at £1340, £1280 and £1258. A strong Simmental (24m & FA) from Messrs Griffin & Son, Banwell achieved £1335. The best of a long run from Mr D Curtis, Walton peaked at £1282 for a lean 24m Blue steer. 23m Simmental steers from Messrs WE & AG Taylor, Crewkerne rose to £1270. Several other good feeding continental steers £1200 plus. NATIVE steers peaked at £1340 for a lean, black, South Devon (23m & FA) from Mr GB Tuttiett, Eastertown. Angus steers topped at £1260 for smart types (20/24m) from Mr PJ Betty, Othery again, who sold others £1145 (23/24m). Other Angus £1185 (25m & fleshed) Messrs K Milverton & Son, North Petherton; £1155 (24m) Mr S Fuller, Henley and £1090 (23/24m x 7) Mr RL Kent, Clevedon. Shorthorn steers (22m) at £1125, Messrs McEwen Smith.

Younger Angus steers, suitable to turnout when the grass comes, noticeably dearer to £1000.

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