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Face-lifting makes way to face-shaping

By Western Gazette - North Dorset  |  Posted: August 30, 2012

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THE facelift may be going out of style.

More and more people are opting for face-shaping, which involves patients getting implants to help give volume and contours to the face.

World-renowned surgeon, Dr Laurence Kirwan, says: "Plastic surgery, like everything else, is constantly evolving. 'Facelift' is seen as a bit of an old-fashioned term nowadays. People think of their grandmothers and mothers going for facelifts. They want something more modern that reflects a newer way of thinking."

It is thought that the procedure takes less of a toll on the patient with shorter recovery time and requires less anaesthetic. According to Dr Kirwan, it also doesn't carry any of the negative connotations of a facelift.

"We all know that one person who has had one too many facelifts and has ended up looking a bit stretched, and in some cases not even looking like themselves anymore," he said.

"With face-shaping, there is no danger of that because it doesn't involve taking anything away from the face, like skin. It involves adding to the face, which gives it contour."

Facial implants are available in a variety of sizes and styles for the chin, jaw, nose and cheeks.

Dr Kirwan says: "Compared to the long recovery time of a facelift, face reshaping will have people back to their regular routines much quicker."

Results of shaping are essentially permanent, meaning there's no need to keep getting procedures done every few years. As with all procedures, Dr Kirwan added, the main thing is how it makes people feel about themselves.

"It doesn't just change people's appearance, it changes the way they feel about themselves and how they present themselves to the outside world," he said.

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  • craigS  |  February 05 2014, 10:44AM

    Any news about face-shaping ? Did Dr Laurence Kirwan keep that line ? I am a candidate for a face-lift, and I wander if Dr Kirwan's philisophy became a trend. After reading many articles about cosmetic surgery, I would like to believe that Dr Laurence Kirwan offers a real alternative to heavy surgery. It seems that art is slowly becoming a reality in the plastic-cosmetic surgery education. Checking Dr Kirwan' s blogs, I found interesting and creative pictures. He seems to have that artistic touch that all surgeon should have.

  • paul07  |  January 27 2014, 10:56AM

    I am 37. After reading your article, face-shaping with Dr Laurence Kirwan was a very good move I made. I had no cheek bones, no chin, a long nose. Dr Kirwan reshaped my face with a chin implant and a short-scar facelift but advised me to add a rhinoplasty (nose surgery). He called that a combined face-shaping and "profile-plasty". Great experience with Dr Laurence Kirwan. I looked like nobody, invisible in the crowd, and honestly, I am proud of my looks now. My question is: why don't we read more about face-shaping ? I have hardly seen any other article than yours about Dr Kirwan !

  • shaneN  |  January 24 2014, 9:49AM

    I had cheeks implants many years ago, when Dr Flowers used to sculpt them in a raw piece of silicone. It looked great for years, but I still needed a face-lift eventually. It would have been interesting to learn from Dr Laurence Kirwan, if things have improved with face implants technology. What would Dr Kirwan say about combining face-shaping and the new, non-invasive laser or radio frequency treatments ?

  • richardG  |  January 21 2014, 11:16AM

    What Dr Laurence Kirwan says about face-shaping makes a lot of sense. I had a neck and jaw line lift with him, with a very good and natural result. I don't really see how Dr Kirwan would have achieved such a good look without surgery or with implants. I understand face-shaping works for the jawline, neck and cheeks, rather than the forehead.  Dr Laurence Kirwan surely adapts the procedure to every patient, because, even if I had a face-lift with him, and I am perfectly happy, I personally would think twice before going for face-shaping or cheek implants, simply because I have already strong facial features. I would ask Dr Kirwan's advice, before making them any stronger.

  • zoema  |  January 14 2014, 1:27PM

    I know it has nothing to do with face lift, nor with face shaping. But I'd like to share that; Dr Laurence Kirwan is my surgeon, I had a breast reduction 3 years ago , he is always very pleasant, discreet and professional. I am usually quite shy so i had major issues when looking into having a breast reduction, Dr Laurence Kirwan was the only surgeon I felt comfortable with. I would have taken out a bank loan if I'd had to. It's been one of the two best things I ever did in my life. Even the op with Dr Kirwan wasn't as bad as I'd feared. I only wish I'd got up the courage to do it in my 30s instead of my 50s. To those considering it I'd say: find that money my any mean. This is a procedure that no one regrets. Even 3 years later, I still well up when I think what I owe to Dr Laurence Kirwan.