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Dream car? It'd be a Lamborghini

By Western Gazette - North Dorset  |  Posted: September 26, 2012

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What was the first car you ever owned?

It was an old Vauxhall Nova, which had many previous owners and looking back on it was what you now would call a horrible green colour!

Do you have any special memories about it good or bad?

It was our first car and it opened up a world of new opportunities for us, so there were many great trips from where we then lived (Swindon) to Devon and Cornwall.Having said that it was an 'interesting' car, we should have guessed how interesting when it broke down almost immediately after we brought it!

It also had some memorable features - once in a sweltering summer (remember them?) the engine had a cooling problems. I can vividly recall us being stuck in a jam (traffic literally at a stand still) on the M5/M4 interchange and despite the temperature being 30c plus, we had to have the hot air blowers on maximum in the car to keep the engine cool!

Having said all that, it was our first car which took us places we would never have otherwise gone, so our little Vauxhall Nova will always be one our favourite cars.

How many attempts did it take to pass your driving test and how old were you?

I passed first time, but I was a late starter - I was 24. If you are thinking that meant I had hundreds of lessons, that would be wrong, I only needed to start learning to drive when I was 24. Up until that time I used the bus, which was a very good thing as I met Lorna my wife on the bus - not the most romantic of places I will grant you – but it worked for us!

What is your first memory of going on holiday in the family car and where were you headed?

I grew up in Birmingham and I can remember my Dad taking us to places like Skegness in the 1970's.I remember it being a huge adventure for us, as car ownership was not as common then as it is now and if you lived in Birmingham in the 70's, visiting anywhere with a seaside was a treat!

What car are you driving now?

I am driving a Citroen C5, but have just ordered a Citroen DS5 for the end of October

What was it about this car that attracted you?

Citroen's always have design features which make them a distinctive, plus they always seem to offer great value for money. Also the local Citroen dealership in Yeovil – Motorwell - are always dependable, professional and a great bunch of people.

Citroen's are also great for gadgets – I love gadgets!

Do you give names to your cars and if so what is your present one called?

Do you know, I have never done that, except when I have sworn at cars for breaking down – I don't think the Gazette can publish those names!

Do you have a favourite journey that you take or remember fondly about?

I have always found the journey's you remember most are usually the nightmare ones where you end up stuck in jams for hours! For me my favourite journeys are any taking us on holiday! We recently went to Lesvos in Greece and although the drive to Gatwick was a bit of a nightmare, it was a great one as we were off to the sun for two weeks! The most memorable good journey I can recall is when we drove the Garden Route in South Africa – the scenery was magical.

What CD do you have in your car right now or what radio station are you tuned to?

I imagine I am supposed to say something really impressive here like Radio 4 and a Classical CD! However, the truth I listen to Breeze FM or Heart FM and my CD's have all sorts of music on – ranging from Andrea Bocelli to Jay-Z and most everything in between!

If expense was no problem what would be your dream car and why?

A Lamborghini Gallardo. I bought Lorna my wife a driving thrill day last year and seeing her whizz round the Top Gear track in one of those just left me thinking – yes please!!!! Having said that I don't think it would be very practical for popping into the Quedam to do some shopping!

What journey would you like to make in your dream car and why?

If we are talking 'dreams' that would have to be the drive back to our huge Super Yacht from the Nou Camp stadium in Barcelona having just seen Yeovil's men's or women's team win their Champions League Final!

Who would be your ideal travelling companion and why?

I already have one – my wife Lorna! We make the ideal team - she drives and I navigate - a combination that works outstandingly well.

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